Does Bolivia need nuclear technology?

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Topic of the online Presentation
In 2015, the Bolivian Nuclear Program (BNP) was created with the objective of developing scientific knowledge and applying it in education, industry, health, and research. The Nuclear Centre, as the first project, comprises a Cyclotron with nuclear medicine institutes, a Multipurpose Radiation Plant and a Research Reactor. The impact on the economy, health and education will be analysed, and detailed additional information will be provided in relation to the project.
Brief Bio

Lecturer: Carlos Sebastian Mamani Cuenca

He is a candidate for a Master Degree in International Relations in High Nuclear Technologies at National Research Nuclear University – MEPhI. During the last 10-years he has worked in Education, Economy, and Coordination. His role was to support International Organizations, Non-governmental Organizations, and the public sector, the last one was to support the BNP. Sebastian holds two bachelor degrees: Linguistics and Foreign Languages and International Law. He also has military experience.

When?: on June 18, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.